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As a facilitator, DIS, Jammu believes in providing an educational system which is capable of making a difference every day. The facilities at our door-step are:


As learning is an attitude and not knowledge acquired; so DIS believes in creating and encouraging the attitude amongst each member of its family believing that‘one book, one pen, one child and one teacher can change the world’.We instil a love for reading in the tender soul of toddlers as well as the unfathomable mind of the youth through a well-equipped and spacious library.


All classrooms are spacious, dust-free whiteboards, well lit and airconditioned to provide utmost comfort to the students for better learning.


  • Science: The school has well equipped and spacious laboratories for physics, biology and chemistry to develop scientific temperament of the students with a sense of experimentation, imagination and innovation.
  • Computer: We are completely committed to providing children with an inspiring academic experience through an efficient IT curriculum supported by a modern and spacious IT laboratory.
  • Mathematics:  To create a love for the subjects through innovative activities, DIS provides a mathematics lab encouraging and enhancing mathematical abilities, analytical and critical thinking and problem- solving attitude among the students.
  • ELL:  In addition to being the medium of instruction for the dissemination of knowledge, English language as being globally accepted has acquired eminent place and a sure key to enter the lucrative global scenario. DIS, Jammu is committed to preparing the global citizens who have the ability to face the life and world as it comes and thus provides a well-organised English language lab focusing on listening and speaking skills.
  • Smart Class: In today’s educational organisation the technology is an integral part of the classroom and enhances pragmatic academic approach. We provide hi-tech digital classrooms to equip our children with an additional support in innovative learning to keep a pace with the global scenario.
  • Activity Room: DIS, Jammu creates a learning environment full of pleasure and joy as we do not only train the mind of the child but also the heart and soul which is possible only when innovative activities are a part of daily learning. DIS, Jammu has a separate Activity Room to provide an opportunity to everyone to experience the joy of learning through an exuberant display of their hidden potentialities.
  • Art & Craft Room: Art is a way of expression which enlivens the entire learning process and enhances the imagination, creativity and
    the innovation of the child realizing the innate potentials through broadening his horizons. Keeping the immense contribution of ‘Art & Craft’ in focus;
    DIS, Jammu has a separate vibrant and spacious Art & Craft Room enhancing drawing, painting, colouring, sketching and crafting abilities of the
  • Music & Dance Room: Music & Dance has a language which is globally accepted and understood as these are the best ways of expressing as well as strong stress busters helping in lifting one’s mood instantly. DIS, Jammu has included both dance and music as an integral part of the regular curriculum and so has specific rooms for both the activities enhancing the hidden talents of the children and for motivating maximum participation in cultural events.
  • Abacus & Vedic Maths: DIS, Jammu is committed to provide a joyful platform to the children for their holistic development. So, Abacus & Vedic Maths have also been an integral part of the regular curriculum enhancing the overall comprehension of maths, boosting better and faster calculation skills, increasing endurance for stress and pressure and inculcating stronger mental visualization skills.
  • Infirmary: DIS, Jammu provides a well equipped medical facility under the tutelage of a qualified Medical Practitioner and paramedics on duty. Health Records are maintained for each and every student including annual medical checkups by experts from outside.
  • Counselling Room: DIS, Jammu has a provision for specialized guidance and counseling manned by an able and qualified psychologist
    ensuring that today’s students become the productive, well-adjusted adults of tomorrow. Special counseling sessions are conducted for toddlers and
    girls to make them self-confident for dealing with their future societal challenges. There is a provision for few counseling sessions for the teachers
    and the parents as well to understand the diverse abilities and learning styles of the children and the ways to deal with them.

Sports Facilities:

Every child has his/her own true calling. It is the onus of the school to identify the spark inside the child and ignite the same through encouragement, motivation and by providing a platform like sports opportunities not only for enjoyment, relaxation or physical exercise but also as a positive aid for their educational upliftment and instilling a sense of self-worth. DIS, Jammu provides abundant opportunities for the inter-house, inter-class and inter-school individual as well as team sport-events to enhance the feeling of self-fulfilment and self-achievement. We have a provision for Indoor & Outdoor recreation:

  • Indoor Sports:  Chess, Yoga, Karate, Table-Tennis, Carrom, Kick-boxing, Wushu
  • Outdoor Sports:  Volleyball, Football, Basketball, Cricket, Skating, Swimming, Athletics, Badminton, Kho-kho, Kabaddi

School Conveyance:

An ideal transport system reflects the perfect work culture and ethos of the school. DIS, Jammu has the absolute solution for providing excellent transport facility to pick and drop the students nearest to their homes on specified routes. The students in the buses are accompanied by the teachers and attendants to ensure their safety during commuting. DIS, Jammu transport is attributed to basic amenities, comfort, convenient routes, experienced drivers and attendants and reasonable fare. School buses are well-equipped with water campers, medical kits and fire extinguishers. One mobile phone is provided to every route-in-charge for the convenience of the parents.